May 22 - 25, 2017

Hello and welcome to Tarberry Hill!
I am Lady WillowShimmer, your hostess for this level.

This is the Final Level for the NVE side of Fairy Musings.

Please remember, you are NOT allowed to post your voting URL on VE boards or in reminders lists.

You CAN post your OSVP (One Stop Vote Page) on boards and reminders lists,
but NOT the direct voting booth link.

You MUST vote for yourself at LEAST
3 times during the week.

At this level, you must win 3 times in a row in order to retire
your site till the Fairies Annual Ball, our SOTY competition.

LOA's for 2 weeks maximum will be allowed at this level.

Thank you and good luck!


= Self Vote = 5 points

= Self Vote Bonus = 5 points

= Riddle Bonus = 10 points PER WEEK

= Puzzle Solved = 15 points PER WEEK

= Trivia Game Played = 5 points PER DAY PLAYED

= Read Team Newsletter = 5 points PER WEEK

= Bingo Game = 5 points PER BINGO

= Win!


Two fathers and their two sons go fishing together.
They each catch one fish to take home with them.
They do not lose any fish, and yet when they arrive
at home they only have three fish.
How can this be?

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Want to earn 15 extra vote points?
Click on the Puzzle Page icon.

Want to earn 20 extra vote points?
Click on the Fun Trivia icon.

It's Back!! Come join the fun at Bingo!

Voting Times are Monday Through Thursday
12:00am - 11:59pm EST

Current voting time is....

Vote Site Mon Tues Wed Thurs Bonus Total

New Lock's Arrow 13 12 10 9 25 69

Tinkerbell's Pages 15 11 10 11 45 92
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