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Please follow these rules and all will be well in our competition realm!

If you have any questions, please email
Lady WillowShimmer


Tuath De Team
VE - Vote Exchange Team
You CAN post your direct voting link on VE Boards and in Reminders lists.

Tri De Dana Team
NVE - Non-Vote Exchange Team
You are NOT ALLOWED to place direct voting links on VE Boards or in Reminders lists.

You ARE ALLOWED to place your One Stop Vote Page links on VE Boards or in Reminders lists.

Voting IS mandatory. 3 self votes per week is all that is required at Fairy Musings. You are allowed to vote 2 times per day, per IP address. You will be notified by your team leader if you fail to vote the required number of days during the week.


No Adult Material. If you have quesitons please email Lady Willowshimmer and we will take a look at your website. No pornographic sites or links to pornographic sites.


As this is a web site competition, any site entered must contain more then 1 page. The pages must have content, not just pages with a graphic or picture on it. You may have galleries and link pages. Any graphic that is not your own, when ever possible must have a link to the place of origin. If you do not have the link, then a request such as "If anyone knows the owner of this graphic, poem, story etc., please email me with the info so I may add it to this page" must be placed with the item.


Show respect for our competition and others. Treat everyone here like you want to be treated!


No copyright infringements and no stealing of other's work. If you use something that belongs to another person please ask permission first. Credit must be given to any graphics that aren't your own creation.


You are allowed 4 sites in the whole competition. Two on each team. You can belong to both VE and NVE side of the competition, but not with the same site.


No bandwidth stealing from us or other sites. Permission must be obtained from webmaster before hotlinking an image. If you are found to be doing this, you will be asked to fix the problem. If you are unable to do this, you will be removed.


Your site must be accessible to everyone. No members only sites or password protected. We need to be able to see your site to approve it and others need to see your site to vote for it. :)


You may not join this competition without a parents permission if you are under the age of 16. This is of great importance, so please do not try to join without your parents permission prior to the age of 16! Fairy Musings will not be held liable for any child that participates, and lies about their age!


LOA's can be taken at ALL levels.

Team Levels, up to 60 days. Please let your team leader know you need this long.

Semi-Finals and Final levels - 2 weeks MAXIMUM.

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