My name is Lady Cesana and I will be your Team Leader.

You can contact me here: Lady Cesana if you have any questions or concerns about the team,
the competition, or anything else you need my help with.

This team is a Non - Vote Exchange team.
You are not allowed to post your voting URL on VE boards and in reminders lists. You can post your One Stop Vote Page (OSVP) on both boards and in reminder lists.

There are 2 levels to this team.

Qualifying and the Main Team level.

You MUST vote for yourself at LEAST 3 times during the week in order to advance.

If you would like to join us, please check out the Rules page first, that way there will be no
surprises when you get started here. :-)

Voting runs Monday 12:00am (midnight) to Thursday 11:59pm.
No voting on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

We are closed the last week of every month,
for any maintenence that needs to be done to the site.

As it says on the main page, we are a No Frills competition.
The only thing we do ask of you is your self vote 3 times per week.
Cheering, and all that other stuff is optional!

Thank you for joining and Good Luck!!!

Artwork: Spirit of the Night
by John A. Grimshaw


Artwork: Spirit of the Night
by John A. Grimshaw

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